Make $600 a Week From Home. A Practical Guide How To Sell Feet Pics

Are you in serious need of some extra cash or looking to break away from living paycheck-to-paycheck? Believe me or not, but you can sell feet pics. In fact, it is quite a trendy side hustle these days, and you actually can make a nice chunk of money with it.

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According to Wikipedia, feet fetish is a most popular fetish involving non-genital body parts.

Although references in comedies or some second-tier pornos might suggest that a foot fetish is only for the weirdos, actually it is pretty common.

Just like somebody prefers a nice ass or big boobs, and others go crazy over long legs or a lush, full head of hair, some find feet to be seductive.

So, there is an entire market to sell feet pics, and if you are comfortable with the idea of foot fetish, it could also be your next lucrative side hustle.

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I am a dude, and I have no experience in this Sell Feet Pics whatsoever. A quick search in Google reveals that most articles about how to sell feet photos are written by other dudes like me, without a clue how it’s actually working. So, I decided to ask for help. I reach out to Elena, the single mother from South Carolina, who is actually doing this.

What’s started as a hobby for Elena is now a full-time job, which brings her close to a five-figure income monthly. So, you might consider her an expert in this blooming foot fetish business.

Most information given in this article comes from her, so it is real-life experience first hand.

Is it really possible to sell pictures of your feet?

First, I came across this crazy information back in 2017 when I read an article in New York post about foot fetishes on Instagram.

Skip forward! Last week I was checking the Instagram trends. Guess what! Hashtag feet — 15,749,274 posts.

So, I realize that it is enormous, and it is worth investigating further.

According to hashtag explorer tool Ritetag, hashtag “feet” has 167 unique tweets per hour and 464,008 hashtag exposure per hour.

These numbers show that millions of people actually look forward to buying feet pictures online, which means that big money can be made.

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Who can sell Feet Pics? Is it works for everyone?

Elena says: “ There’s a market for everyone. For man feet, for hairy feet, for long feet, for short feet for everything. There is a market for you even if you have really ugly feet on top, because they’re all calloused and scarred. Maybe do the bottom only. If the bottoms of your feet are all effed up from like sports or whatever, just do the top.

Have a nice pedicure that’s it. There’s somebody out there for everyone. There’s a foot out there for everyone. So, don’t discount yourself.”.

How to start to sell photos of your feet?

First of all, you have to decide how far you are ready to go. For example, Elena explain: “ I work in so called “light side” of this business, if you know what I mean. My pictures are Completely non-nude, completely non-sexual, not pornographic. I never wear lingerie; I never show my face or my private parts.

So if you’re like, “well I want to do it, but, like, I don’t want to do porn or whatever, if that’s a line that you don’t want to cross, totally respectable, totally understandable. You don’t have to do it and you can still make a decent amount of money. “.

Can I sell feet pics anonymously, or should I expose myself?

If anonymity is your goal and you do not want other people to know, like people in your life, your co-workers or if you have a public image that you want to protect and you don’t want people to know that you’re doing this kind of content, you still can do it.

Elena assures: “ First of all girl, there is no shame in the game. You got to do what you got to do. “.

So, there are ways that you can keep it anonymous.

Use a fake name for starters, obviously. Attach this fake name to CashApp or Paypal. If you are entirely dedicated, you can open an LLC and use the business name everywhere.

Elena recommends: “ Make a cash app, title it with your business name, you know what I mean. Like, my business LLC is “Clumsy feet”, so, you know, it’s just that’s an example. So, my hashtag would be, I guess, “Clumsy feet” and that is my cash app. I would start with that. “.

Secondly, you never have to show your face, especially if you’re just doing feet pictures. People might ask you to, but that’s a boundary that you set, stick to, and there’s no shame in that.

Which are the best places to start sell feet pics?

At this point, other reviews probably will list a bunch of websites…but, let’s not rush into that.

If you’re reading this, you are probably not sure yet, if you want to do this at all. According to Elena, Twitter and Instagram are the best places to sell feet pics. On these platforms, you can keep your anonymity and test if you actually wanna do it. Basically, you create an account in one of these platforms or open on both simultaneously. You post some nice freebies and information that you can do private sets for a fee.

Find your niche of feet pictures

You might realize that the feet pics market is already quite saturated. There are literally thousands of feet pics sellers out there. So, like in any other business, also in this one you can try to specialize. In other words, find a niche of your feet pictures. Maybe there is something special about your feet that sets you apart from the crowd. Like, you have really crooked toes, for example, so you can be in this toe spreading niche. Try everything and see what clicks and then, maybe, stick with that or don’t. It’s up to you.

How to sell feet pics on Instagram

So, create your “feet” account, take a couple of photos, and post it. Use a lot of hashtags, for example, #feet, #feetfetish, etc. And put them on every single picture. Let your potential followers know that you can do personalized pics if they request them.

Elena says: “ If you start looking up, like let’s just start with hashtag feet worship. I found that to be a really good one. And then go through some of the girls who have profiles already set up. Look at their profile. Look at the poses that they use, look at all the hashtags that they use, because guaranteed, every single picture is going to have a mountain of hashtags. Underneath, take them, look at them, try to see which hashtags have the most tagged, you know what I mean, and use those. But also try to use a few obscure ones that only have like 600 posts or something, because that way if somebody is looking for that specific things like #sockfetishnation or something like that. You’re gonna be one of the only results that pop up, so those are some tips that I have. Definitely start with #feetfetish, #feetworship, #footfetishnation. Those are really good ones.”

Also, don’t forget to watermark your pictures with your name. That way, if it’s shared, people will come right back to you. If you don’t watermark your photos, people will copy and paste them, re-share them, and you won’t get credit.

The pros and cons selling Feet photos on Instagram

The pros are, it’s elementary to start and promote yourself. Because of the hashtags, people who are interested in feet will find you even if you are a complete beginner. Since Instagram is free, it is a great tool to start and build your follower (potential customer) base.

According to Elena, Instagram is suitable for part-time kind of thing if you’re not planning on doing it for a while. “If you’re just in a pickle to do it that way but if you’re planning on doing it for like a long time, build a following on Instagram and then share that build on Onlyfans or some other platform that won’t get shut down guaranteed.”, says Elena, “ The bummer is, one day sooner or later, your Instagram account will be shut down. My account was reported and taken down. I had hundreds of followers; I was making around $600 a week just from selling feet pictures on that platform. And then all my content was reported and taken down and I never was able to get my Instagram back.”

So, Instagram is excellent to start, but If your feet photo selling venture picks up, be ready to migrate on more appropriate platforms.

How to sell feet pics on Twitter

Everything described previously also works for Twitter. Twitter also uses hashtags and is an excellent platform to start. Create an account, posts some pics with a lot of hashtags. Let your customers know that you are out there.

The good thing is, Twitter has more liberal policies than Instagram, so it is possible that your account on Twitter may last much longer.

How to sell feet photos on Tumblr

Tumblr is another good platform for beginners. It is a blogging platform and is excellent for the curation of content. Although Elena does not use Tumblr, she has only a positive opinion about it. Although Tumbler is much smaller than Instagram, it is still an excellent place for beginners. Fewer users, but also less competition. Also, unlike Instagram, Tumblr tolerates feet pics sellers, so, most likely, your account, there will last much longer.

How to sell feet pics on Patreon

If your experiments on Instagram or Twitter are successful, and you want to produce and sell feet pics on a more professional level, Patreon is your next stop.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows fans (or patrons) to pay and support creators for their work. For any creator or content producer, Patreon is a way to earn extra money. This platform enables creators to set up monthly, subscription-style payment tiers, with different promises for different content levels or for various benefits. For example, a patron could subscribe for $5 per month and receive early access to the creator’s content.

Patreon is also Elena’s favorite platform: “ Pick the things that are realistically going to be accomplishable for you. You can’t say, I’m gonna post 50 pictures a month or 50 or five videos a month, if you don’t have the damn time.

So, I picked something that is realistic for me. For me that is three videos a month for $15 a month and then for the second tier I do an extra video and three pictures for $20 a month so it’s a great deal if you enjoy feet.

To get that second tier and then you know but wham bam thank you ma’am! It’s just, you have to be consistent! Here is the thing, if you don’t post what you say, you’re gonna post, people are gonna leave and people are gonna post on all the reddit pages about you and how much you suck! Whereas, if you post consistently, people are gonna be like, damn this girl’s good! And they’re gonna share it with all their friends, okay. So, you have to be consistent, do something that’s realistic to you! “.

How to sell feet pics on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is another content-sharing platform. Content creators can use it to offer videos, photos, and even chances to chat one-on-one for a fee. Unlike Patreon, OnlyFans is more prevalent among creators from the adult entertainment industry.

The problem with Onlyfans is that people can’t find you because this platform does not use hashtags. People on Onlyfans can’t look up foot fetish and see a bunch of creators to support. They have to know your name!

So, if you are going to start and Onlyfans and you don’t have a following let’s say you don’t have an Instagram with 50 000 followers that you want to share it to, you’re not going to make any money, because you have to have a following already to make an Onlyfans page. You have to have fans.

Elena says, “ Start a Patreon. Then, eventually, you can make the crossover to Onlyfans “.

Other websites to sell pictures of your feet

Honestly, I am not sure if you ever will use the options given belove. Our expert Elena says she had never used any of this.

Sell feet pictures on Etsy

Surprisingly, there are a lot of feet pics sellers, on Etsy.

Initially, Etsy was created as an online global marketplace for original, often homemade, unique items, including digital goods.

Albeit also on Etsy you will find a lot of feet photos, Elena does not recommend this marketplace: “ this is not feet pic marketplace and this is definitely not a spot where your buyers go.”

Sell feet pictures on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most famous online classified websites globally, allowing you to post ads for jobs, items you wish to sell, and even personals. Though, in my opinion, there are much better platforms to sell feet pics, there are feet pics for sale also on Craigslist.

Sell Feet Pics on is a new online marketplace that allows people to sell their feet pics. It seems that these guys are trying to make some money out of the foot fetish hype.

Like in any other marketplace, you can sign up as a seller, create your profile, and list some photos. In theory, potential buyers will come and search for profiles that interest them.

Sell Feet Pics on

Instafeet is another brand new online marketplace for feet pics sellers. To connect with admirers and charge them for exclusive content, you have to create your profile.

Instafeet declares to have higher standards and says not everyone will be accepted. To be honest, that’s BS. Just post at least 5 photos to start and you will be accepted in no time. This platform tries to mimic Patreon, just strictly oriented to feet lovers.

Sell Feet Pics on

DollarFeet is a website that buys feet pictures from you. According to information on their webpage, DollarFeet pays $5 for photos and $10 for a minimum of 5 minutes long video.

Sell feet phots on

Feetfinder is one more feet pics marketplace. Sellers can register and upload their photos. All content uploaded by Sellers is automatically blurred until it is purchased by the Buyer. Buyers can either purchase pre-uploaded content or submit requests to Sellers for custom content.

Sellers must create an account with BoleynModels, to be paid daily via direct deposit. The platform keeps a 20% fee for every photo and video sold.

Other methods how to make money with foot fetish

There are obviously other ways how to make money on foot fetish, besides selling feet pics. One of the most lucrative is to perform on Chaturbate. This is without doubt the most popular webcam site on the internet.

I know, I know…I don’t want to do porn, I hear you say. But did you know that there are actually many girls on Chaturbate doing only feet fetish related performances?!

Let’s take a look at this girl’s page, for example.

On description of her services is clearly stated: “ I don’t do naked shows here, so don’t expect me or ask me for any flash under any circumstances. Fetishize me, compliment me, share all your desires with me and be open.”

Since Chaturbate is so popular, the chances you will find somebody going to pay you for your performance are quite big. Even if you are not doing porn.

For how much I can sell my feet pics?

As far as I have seen, feet pics costs from $4.99 to $100 and everything in between. Most girls start at $5 until they build their confidence. Elena gives this advice: “ Pick a price and stick to it. The first price that I ever heard was ten dollars per foot per photo and more if you’re doing other things. So, if somebody wants you to do like something with whipped cream, let’s say, then you charge them for the whipped cream and you charge them extra for making it a custom picture.

There’s also a difference between custom pictures and private pictures. So, let’s say somebody orders a custom from you and they have like this custom idea of what they want in the picture or video, you can share that with all of your other followers. If you want to, because it’s just their custom idea. If they want it to be a private picture that you don’t share with anybody else, that you have to use their name or something like that, charge more.

You’re not a bargain, you’re not on the clearance aisle. You are a bad bitch queen and that’s how you’re gonna charge, okay! That’s it! And if somebody is trying to pressure you or being rude to you, there are other customers. If somebody is like giving you about your price, honestly, they are not your market, okay. I charge what I know people I’m looking for can afford. And people who can’t afford me know that I’m creative, they know that I am worth the price and if somebody’s trying to like, tell me “oh no you’re not worth that price”, I say, well then you’re not worth my time.”

How to Sell Feet photos Without Getting Scammed

This is really important. Unfortunately, the internet is full of individuals who try to scam other people. This business is no different.

Elena explains: “ If anybody says they’re going to be your sugar daddy or your sugar mama, say, sugar, no thank you no. It’s a scam, it’s a lie. Just block them, block instantaneously. If somebody keeps trying to talk to you in like a role play kind of way, like, what would you do if i did this — block them or just politely tell them: “listen, if you don’t pay, I’m not going to speak to you”.

In this way you show this is a business transaction. Be professional, be consistent. Stick to your price. If somebody’s trying to bargain with you and be like “oh, well this other girl I know, pays only cost this much”. Be like, okay, then go to that other girl. Set your standards and don’t act like a noob. Don’t be like, oh I’m sorry, I’m new at this, sure that’s fine.

No, you’re not new at this. You are a professional. You’ve been doing it your entire life and that’s the attitude that I want you to exude in your Instagram and your Onlyfans. Whatever you are that’s the attitude. Block, block everybody. Anybody who gives you a bad vibe block them. And that’s how you avoid scammers, sis!

Lets wrap it up.

I love sharing tips about how to earn extra cash on the side and diversifying your income.

If selling feet pics is not your thing, here are other sidekicks you can start with very little investment and turn it into a full-blown business in the future.

But if you want to try make some money with feet pics, take Elena’s advice: “ I hope you just take the leap and try! There are 8 billion people in this world there’s got to be somebody out there who’s going to send you some money for your gorgeous, beautiful feet or whatever.

Maybe feet are just like not your thing, you know, but they are somebody else’s thing. So, don’t just not try because you’re afraid. Try put yourself out there. The worst thing that can happen, especially if you make an anonymous account, is, that you don’t get any money. Then you say, hey I tried and you don’t do it again. That’s it!

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